Whole Health Simplified with Jess Janda

Hi Everyone!

We are talking ‘health’ today at Garden Dine Love! Empowering people with the knowledge to sustain whole health is the mission of our guest Jess Janda.


Jess is co-founder of Whole Heath Simplified and the 21 Day Clean Start program which gives people the tools they need to build sustainable health while simplifying their lives.

In this interview, Jess does a lovely job of explaining why NOW is the time to embrace your whole health as cancer rates and obesity are on the rise. She shares staggering statistics about the current state of heath in the U.S. which are concerning but Jess, in turn, offers solutions such as ways to eat more locally sourced fruits and vegetables, add more exercise into one’s life and removing toxic house hold cleaners.

                 VIDEO INTERVIEW

Jess’s journey to health coach is both interesting and adventurous. After growing-up in Hawaii, Jess went on to school at Carnegie Mellon and then into the world of Wall Street as a technology architect designing trading systems. Jess realized she wanted something different than a cubicle on Wall Street so she embraced change once again to build her Dream career and, as a result, has led thousands of individuals on their journey towards optimum health.


I hope that you have an opportunity to listen or watch today’s interview so you can benefit from Jess’s coaching and take advantage of Jess’s advice, like add just one more fruit and vegetable to your daily meal!


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