Urban Homesteading with Erik Knutzen

Are you familiar with the term urban homestead?

I came across the concept when I was living in Hawaii and doing research for my “One Woman, One Acre, One Year” project. The book I happily stumbled upon was “The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-Sufficient Living in the Heart of the City” by Erik Knutzen and co-author, Kelly Coyne, his wife. They have also written “Making it: Radical Home Ec for a Post-Consumer World”.

Erik Knutzen

Until that time I had envisioned any homestead would be located deep in the country where self-reliance was a matter of necessity and not necessarily one of choice.  But I am happily mistaken! Wait until you hear how today’s guest is making his homestead in the heart of LA! If you’re thinking “Louisiana?”… um no…  I’m talking Los Angeles California!

Living in a small bungalow, Erik has devoted almost the entire 1/2 acre lot to growing edible plants and trees. In this interview Erik addresses the obstacles and the benefits of homesteading in a large city.

                  VIDEO INTERVIEW

Erik shares his first-hand knowledge and favorite resources for exploring rain water catchment, recycled gray water systems, wild urban foraging, and food preservation. And these are just some of the components to building an urban homestead!

Even though I am not currently living on an urban homestead, I gained perspective and appreciation for how my family and I can work towards greater self-reliance.


I think you’ll be fascinated by this interview, Erik is incredibly insightful! Maybe you’ll even try out a tip or two…

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