Ashley Barnwood

The Incredible Ashley English!!

I have the pleasure of interviewing some of the most amazing authors, gardeners and change makers. One of my favorites is Ashley English – I learn something incredible from her every time we talk!

Ashley Barnwood

Ashley is truly an inspiration to me!!  She is a prolific, creative, and interesting author, the voice behind the website and blog Small Measure, and an inspiring mother & wife. I think she’s a really great gal!

The last time I interviewed Ashley we focused on The Homemade Living Series. Four books dedicated to teaching readers how to build the skills one needs to create their own homestead life.

                 VIDEO INTERVIEW

This time around, we focus on Ashley’s books “Handmade Gatherings,” “Quench” and the soon to be released “A Year of Picnics”.

I, like her many followers, enjoy Ashley’s first-person, anecdotal perspective in food writing. This year Ashley was invited to be a part of the Carolina Mountain Literary Festival alongside other luminaries as Barbara Kingsolver!!


Ashley’s books are idiosyncratic, especially “Handmade Gatherings” and “A Year of Picnics” which describe actual events. And the photographs are from these amazing get-togethers, many of which have now become traditions, are of friends and family. In describing this, Ashley writes, “What was especially fun about all of these books is that they’re all very, very real. Which is to say, every person you see in the pages, every object food is served on, every setting, every picnic, every potluck, every beverage-they all happened, they’re all objects I own, they’re all people and places and settings that I personally know and frequent. Nothing is staged in my books. I think that’s important to mention, when so much in life is curated.”

After you watch or listen to the interview, my hope is that you’re inspired to create new traditions with those who are dear to you…


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