The Farm with Ian Knauer

Today we’re happy to present a Chef who was literally born into the farm to fork lifestyle!


Ian Knauer, who is also an author and has written “The Farm – Rustic Recipes for a Year of Incredible Food” credits his family’s farm and generations of recipes as his inspiration, which he then fuses with new recipes to delight today’s palate.

Ian has been impressing people in the food industry for years with his culinary talent and now anyone interested in the art and craft of cooking (um…me!!) can do so through his inventive classes at The Farm Cooking School where he teaches cooking classes on a working farm using meats and produce from the host farm or local neighbors.


‘The Farm with Ian Knauer’ on PBS, Create TV, and Hulu are the perfect complement to Ian’s cook book and a natural extension of farm to fork living. It’s no wonder that, when asked what he does for a living, Ian has been known to jokingly refer to himself as the minister of fresh food with his book and TV show as his pulpit!

In fact, I lost focus several times during our interview as Ian sat in the kitchen (his office!) of The Farm Cooking School with steam in the background from a mouthwatering dish he was preparing (I’ve made the next click a podcast so you’re not equally tortured…).


Watch or listen to this interview and hear Ian tell his story, it’s compelling. His journey from working on the family farm to premiere chef and mentor is interesting and may inspire you to cook farm fresh foods for yourself as well as for the ones you love…


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