Rock Your Marketing with Alyson Lex

When my husband and I designed the Garden.Kitchen.Table summit our goal was to focus on helping viewers cultivate, thrive, and PROFIT from living a Farm to Fork life. Since then, we’ve received many requests from our community that we add in some interviews on how to profit from your small homestead/home-grown businesses.

So, in answer, today’s interview is with an AMAZING and vivacious woman, Alyson Lex!

Aluson Lex

Alyson is a copy writer and marketing strategist who coaches clients from all over the world to create, sell and market their programs and products. She got a first class education in all things direct response marketing and copy while working as marketing manager for “Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle,” formed by two of the most sought after copy writers and strategists in the business.

In this interview Alyson gives multiple examples of how writing great copy can help anyone from selling at a local farmers market to someone who wants to have more sales for their CSA.

                 VIDEO INTERVIEW

You might be thinking, “I grow food, how will copy help me??” or “I have a small home-based business, why should I be thinking about copy??” or ”What is copy!!”

Alyson breaks down copy, how you can apply good copy to your business, and how you can write copy that will help you sell more of your products or produce. She is great and extremely knowledgeable!!


While enjoying my time interviewing Alyson, I got all fired up and excited about the power of writing great copy and how I can communicate my passions for Garden Dine Love, the Farm to Fork movement, and connecting you guys (through interviews) with all these amazing authors that touch my life.

You can find the amazing Alyson on her website and in social media follow these links





I hope that you enjoy this interview and start seeing more profit!!

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