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Profit from Farming Organically with Richard Wiswall

I love spending time in the garden. It’s relaxing and I get to experience the fruits (and vegetables, haha) of my labor.  Giving my family the healthiest, freshest ingredients in their meals just makes me happy! Usually there is more than even my growing children and ravenous husband can enjoy, so I want to bring you all along this journey exploring what to do with your crop, whether large or small .

Today’s featured guest appeals to my entrepreneurial side as he discusses how you can fine tune the profitability of your farm or homestead. Richard Wiswall is the author of “The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook: A complete guide to Managing Finances, Crops, and Staff – and Making a Profit.”

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Richard is the owner and operator of Cate Farm in Montpelier, VT., where he has been farming organically, and inspiring others to farm organically, for over 30 years. He is an active consultant and has advised over 70 farms in New England and beyond regarding the profitability of organic farming – teaching business tools to farmers as well as students.

Richard helps farmers to both increase profitability and meet long term sustainable goals.

                   VIDEO INTERVIEW

In this interview Richard shares with us how and why he got started in organic farming, common mistakes, as well as the business of organic farming. You will gain valuable tips that you can immediately implement and (because the more you know the more you will earn) Richard also shares his favorite resources for learning.


Richard is blazing a trail in the organic farming movement, improving the lives and businesses of farmers, and shares tips that can even benefit the local gardener… like me!

Have a wonderful (and profitable!) day 🙂

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