Preserving by the Pint with Marisa McClellan

Juicy, delicious mangos motivated me to learn the art of food preservations. You might think eating locally sourced food was easier when I lived in Hawaii, however some things, like mango season, came just once a year and I wanted to eat them year round 🙂

Today I interview Marisa McClellan!


Marisa is a food blogger, cook book author and canning teacher. She has written two books Food in Jars and Preserving by the Pint. Her next book Naturally Sweet Food in Jars will be published in March, 2016.

In this interview, Marisa shares easy recipes for canning (with holiday gifts in mind) such as infused vinegars, homemade cooking salt and seasonings, as well as herb or fruit flavored cooking oils. As a canning teacher, Marisa has helped many people navigate food preservation by canning and has valuable advice for the beginning canner.

                 VIDEO INTERVIEW

When I speak to people about food preservation, many have shared with me their reservations about canning and concerns about making sure that what they are doing is safe. Marisa and I discuss these concerns and, to help the everyday canners, Marisa shares some of her favorite canning resources as well her favorite canning books.

On Marisa’s website, Food in Jars, she share recipes that she has developed for people who want to play with delicious, innovative and proven canning recipes.


I hope that this interview will inspire you to experiment in your kitchen 🙂

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You can find Marisa at


Twitter: @foodinjars




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