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Hello Everyone!

Today we present Entrepreneur 101! And everything discussed can be applied to a home base business or to a farm based business, we got you covered!!

No matter what industry you find yourself in, performance and productivity are key to a successful outcome. So I want to introduce you to Breda Stackpool. Breda is coming from beautiful Ireland. I hope that you enjoy her accent as much as I do… and if you’re watching from Ireland, I hope you enjoy my accent!


Breda is a productivity and performance coach who coaches entrepreneurs from a variety of industries to do their jobs more efficiently.

In fact, Breda is known as the 90 Day Productivity Coach, helping people achieve more in 90 days than they have in the past year.  Breda’s approach to being highly productive and increasing one’s performance comes from a vast amount of experience gained in the corporate world as International Customer Project Manager as well as though her own business endeavors. Breda and her fiancé have owned 2 restaurants, a guesthouse, a wedding venue and she is a past President of her local Chamber of Commerce.

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Breda gives OUTSTANDING tips on how you can run your business. She also shares how she is able to hold so much on her plate and still be so effective.

A question for you all… Do you have your business departments clearly designated? I will admit that I DO NOT have departments within my business, and this was my light bulb moment! And, I had many more moments where I saw opportunities to improve on the job that I am already doing! Seriously, so get a pen and paper to jot down some notes because Breda really delivers great tips!


We all have a dream career, dream job, or dream business but unless we are clear on what our dream is, and what we are trying to accomplish, as well as in which direction we are heading, we will not achieve our dreams. When we become clear we become more effective, more productive and of course more successful!

I wish each of you clarity and success!

Breda’s scope of clients is not limited to Ireland. She works with clients worldwide and can be found on the web and through social media. Take a look at her links.



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