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Modern Married with Maggie Reyes

Love… Love for yourself, love for your partner. How to keep love alive and thriving in your life. Yep, this is the beautiful theme of today’s interview!

Our guest is Maggie Reyes.

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Maggie is a Relationship Specialist and Life Coach living in sunny Florida with her husband, the love of her life.

When I asked Maggie how she would define self-love, she said that she believes self-love is comprised of Trust, Empathy, Compassion and Value. That is, trusting in yourself, having empathy and compassion for yourself, and valuing yourself.

After establishing an idea of ‘self-love,’ the interview goes on to explore the subject of relationships.

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Maggie radiates passion when discussing relationships, her specialty. She is the voice behind the website Modern Married and has built a career helping men and women create love relationships that thrive.

Her blog posting, ‘Manifesto for a Happy Marriage – 12 Ways to Make Your Love Last’ took center stage in our interview. She broke down the main points of that article and gave poignant tips which include:

-Believe love is possible

-Embrace imperfection

-Nourish a positive emotional relationship

-Make your marriage a no negativity zone

-Change your complaint into a request

-Check in with your partner every day – be aware of the life you partner is leading when you’re not together



When you hear Maggie’s sassy and practical advice, captured in this interview, you’ll appreciate why she has been featured in the online magazines ‘Brides’, ‘Redbook’, and ’Vista Magazine’ as well as on XM radio’s, The Christine Show.

Maggie’s goal is to empower her clients and readers to achieve authentic success in romance, relationships, life and work through personalized coaching programs that are tailored to each relationship or person.

Enjoy this interview, then please leave a comment to let me know if you found this helpful in living a more joyful and whole life 🙂


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