Booker, Malea

Lovin Losin with Malea Booker

Does anyone love losing weight? Today’s guest is Malea Booker who shows people how that’s possible.

Booker, Malea

Malea is the voice behind the diet and fitness blog ‘Lovin Losin’. 10 years ago Malea successfully lost 40 lbs!! By educating herself and staying motivated she has successfully maintained her 40 pound weight loss through 2 pregnancies.

Through her blog and website Malea’s goal is to inspire, motivate and help her readers make a lasting difference their lives! As a full time mother of 4 with a demanding corporate job, Malea is perfecting the art of balancing food, fitness & fun!


In this interview Malea gives her tips for eating heathy throughout a pregnancy, achieving and maintaining weight loss, as well as her favorite tips and tricks for living in harmony with all of life’s demands while also making time for yourself.

Malea’s blog, Lovin Losin, serves as a resource for people who are seeking creative, tasty and fun food while eating clean and healthy. There are techniques for food prep, slow cooker meals, in addition to recipes that do not include a ton of ingredients and tasty simple supper suggestions which are easy without being fussy.

I hope after listening to Malea’s story you will be as inspired as I am!!

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If you would like to connect with Malea on the internet you can find her here:


Instagram: lovinlosinblog

Facebook: Lovin Losin page

Twitter: Lovinlosinblog

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