Community Supported Agriculture with Scott Chaskey

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Are you familiar with CSA? Do you belong to one? Have you thought of starting one?

I became familiar with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) while attending college. We shared resources, of course, and one housemate worked at a CSA so as a result we had an abundance of veggies which helped all of us to eat healthy despite our minuscule budgets. (My contribution? Well… I taught the girls the Macarena – don’t judge me, it was the 90’s!)

Our guest today was an early adopter and contributor to the CSA movement in America. He is also an author, father, husband and mentor. I am pleased to introduce to you Scott Chaskey!

Community Supported Agriculture has, for many years, been a helpful way for farmers to plant crops, create financial sustainability, and build community and customer relationships. In this interview, Scott shares his journey, his experience as a farmer with a CSA program, as well as some recourses that you can use if you would like to get started creating a CSA. Considered the ‘Spiritual Father’ of the community farming movement Scott has, in my opinion, a rich and holistic view of farming that makes for an enjoyable interview.

                  VIDEO INTERVIEW

Scott’s intuitive connection with nature is ever abundant in his poetry and it’s a common theme in his writing. Scott’s books This Common Ground: Seasons on an Organic Farm and Seedtime: On the History, Husbandry, Politics and Promise of Seeds can be found at large retailers but Scott encourages you to find them through independent book stores (amazing, isn’t he?)


Scott considers seeds “the web of biodiversity and resilience at the heart of our cultural inheritance.” In Seedtime, he masterfully weaves history, botany, politics, mythology, literature, and memoir into a beautiful informative and instructive book.

I really enjoyed this interview; I think you will as well.

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