Harvesting Rainwater with Brad Lancaster

For years I have been interested in ways of growing food that would not tax precious water resources. And recently, I learned that one could actually harvest rainwater!

Today’s guest on the Garden Dine Love show is a water conservation expert, Brad Lancaster.

Brad Lancaster Headshot 2009

Brad is author of the bestselling book series Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond, the website HarvestingRainwater.com and the blog ‘Drops in a Bucket.’

On his eighth of an acre oasis in Tucson AZ, Brad harvests100, 000 gallons of rain water a year in an area that sees less than 12 inches of rainfall annually.

Whether working with local municipalities in his area or traveling around the country teaching, Brad’s aim is to boost a community’s true health and wealth using simple overlapping strategies to augment the region’s hydrology, ecosystems, and economies – living systems upon which we all depend.


After studying Brad’s numerous You Tube videos I was hooked on ways that I could catch and conserve water in my own small yard. I was so honored to interview Brad, he is truly a change maker!

Listen or watch this interview with a pad of paper and a pencil – this is a real note taking interview, and when you’re done, plant the rain!


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