Grow it, Cook it with Jill Collela!

I am pleased to introduce you to Jill Collela! She’s wonderful and, like me, I’m positive you will love her work and what she’s doing in the world!


The U.S. childhood obesity epidemic is well known and a frequent topic of discussion. I admire Jill because she doesn’t simply talk about the problem, she is taking an active leadership role to promote change!

Jill is teaching children food literacy. Are you familiar with the term? Through the print magazine “Ingredient,” geared toward school age children, and “Butternut,” for preschoolers, children are empowered with knowledge to make informed and thoughtful food choices. She is also the author of the book “Grow it, Cook it”, a guide for families with young children to grow and cook their own food.

                VIDEO INTERVIEW

Jill’s childhood habit of picky eating and avoiding anything new persisted into adult life. When she entered the corporate world and attended business lunches, a lifetime of habits caught up and her dining choices were restricted to the children’s menu! Her limited exposure to the incredible variety of food many of us get to experience, ultimately inspired her to learn how to cook.  Her mission, to this day, is encouraging children to explore healthy foods.


If you enjoy a relationship with children whether parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher.. and if you’re concerned about the obesity epidemic, then this interview will inspire you!

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