Grow a Living Wall with Shawna Coronado

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Today’s interview is with one amazing woman! She is a powerful voice for change, specifically by building healthy communities through gardening, growing vegetables and teaching sustainability. Her name is Shawna Coronado!!

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Shawna is the author of Grow a Living Wall: Create Vertical Gardens with Purpose, as well as several other gardening books, she also a photographer, on-camera spokesperson, blogger, columnist, radio show host, and key note speaker! If you have the chance, I recommend watching her TEDx talk which I found inspiring and was reminded that a garden is often more than just a beautiful place to reflect and enjoy life, it is very often an opportunity to strengthen community and promote social change.

In this interview, Shawna shares her fun and lively journey from fancy office job, working in Sales and public relations, to finding health and happiness in the world of sustainability. She now spends her days inspiring other to find their “socially good selves”.

                 VIDEO INTERVIEW

Vertical gardening is a technique and way of growing veggies that has interested me for quite some time. I enjoyed listening to Shawna as she explained what inspired her to write this book and how we can all utilize vertical gardening as a way of growing more food for our tables or for sharing with our communities.

In her book, Shawna has some great tips on how to build and install a vertical garden as well as chapters with the types of garden one could plant. For example one chapter is ‘Herbal Cocktail Garden; A Free Standing Herb Garden Planted with Mixology in Mind’ and another, ‘Vegetable Balcony Gardens; These Hanging Veggie Boxes Deliver Fresh Food and Fresh Air’.


Shawna is a spirited, fun woman initiating changes in her community and in the most unexpected ways. During our interview, she describes how her garden ruffled the feathers of local government agencies but it simultaneously brought a tremendous amount of love and support into Shawna’s life!

You can find this amazing woman at her website and on social media!! Here are some links





Enjoy this articulate expert and have a terrific day!

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