Green Palette with Heather Carey

Whole foods and clean eating – what is this movement (or is it a catch phrase) that’s sweeping the nation? You hear about it on food shows, read about it in blogs and see the words hashtaged in social media. But what is it really? What is the substance of these terms?

Today I interview Heather Carey.


Heather is a culinary nutritionist, certified whole foods chef, garden enthusiast, wife, and mother of three busy teenagers. She is a whole foods expert and has fantastic ideas for eating and living healthfully while managing all aspects of a full life.

Heather’s passion is helping clients to make simple and significant dietary and lifestyle changes so they can experience more energy, well-being, better meal planning and increased confidence in the kitchen.


When I learned about Heather, it was my first introduction to the term culinary nutritionist. She explains that, as a culinary nutritionist, she fuses the science of nutrition with the creativity of delicious meal preparation. Heather regularly guides her clients through a maze of common health conditions and successfully translates medical dietary prescriptions to help people take practical and do-able steps toward eating a wholesome and tasty diet which, in turn, enables them reach their health goals.

                 VIDEO INTERVIEW


In this interview, Heather shares her wealth of knowledge and offers solutions to the ‘food confusion’ people may experience as one new diet seems to follow (and often contradicts!) the next.

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Enjoy the interview and check Heather out….

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