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Gardens That Matter! Amy Landers

Today we interview Amy Landers, co-founder of Gardens That Matter.

Amy, a gardening and environmental educator for more than 15 years, describes herself as a ‘nature nerd’ 🙂 Her passion has evolved into a business where she and husband Colby teach families how to grow beautiful and bountiful gardens.

A vibrant couple, their aim is to share information and inspiration which will help families create beautiful places to relax and enjoy while connecting with nature and each other.

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In this interview, I was reminded that sometimes the simplest ways to encourage children in the garden are 1) Be patient and work at the child’s pace. 2) Be realistic in our gardening goals. And… 3) Carve out a small space in the garden where kids can make mud pits or plant whatever they choose!

The dream which created Gardens That Matter is for every family to grow and eat fresh healthy foods – whether their garden is in a yard, on a balcony or part of a community plot.

As Amy says, “One seed, one veggie, one child at a time we’re helping to solve complex problems and empowering our neighborhoods to grow amazing food and relationships.”

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