#Gardenchat with Bren Haas

Hi Everyone!

Today I am interviewing an everyday gardener who’s created a twitter community of people who love gardens and is expansive in knowledge!

She is Bren Haas!

What's Growing Now in Bren Haas Garden Week 8

What’s Growing Now in Bren Haas Garden Week 8

Bren is the administrator of the very popular Twitter chat #gardendchat, connecting every day gardeners with like-minded community members and experts who share their knowledge and love of gardening.

As a ‘techy geek,’ Bren uses new media technology to connect, share, and grow in the horticulture and agriculture industries. Bren’s blogging services are helping companies, authors, organizers, and others to connect with garden enthusiasts online by creating a social presence.

                       VIDEO INTERVIEW

As an avid gardener living in Ohio where she experiences all 4 seasons, this year Bren is preparing herself for winter by building a garden Geo-dome with her friends! She will be doing this in her usual social media fashion by tweeting the progress and featuring it on Periscope.

Bren stands out by creating a fun and interactive community for gardeners to gather and explore what is growing around the world, exchange tips and create relationships in a field not usually known for social media.


Follow Bren on twitter and periscope to see how she builds her geo dome!!


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