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Fresh Eats Radio with Heather Rampolla

Today we are talking fresh food, self-love and self-care with Heather Rampolla!


Heather is an author, podcaster, speaker, and coach who helps women struggling with weight loss, cravings and emotional eating to feel beautiful, confident and love their body. She is creator of A Loving Approach To Weight Loss and a very wise woman!

I absolutely adored our interview! But first I have to tell you how I came to adore Heather. I found her podcast and through curiosity investigated her website. I was touched by her real, compassionate and honest way of talking about food and self-image.

Heather brings this realness to today’s interview as she does on her own podcast interviews. She says on her website “Knowing about alkalizing greens, super foods, etc…is an important skill set to health and weight loss, but it’s not the magic pill.”  I found it compelling as she elaborated on her philosophy!


We talked a whole lot about self-love – how women can build their confidence despite a world where the messages are to be bikini body ready, the connections between emotional eating and self-love, and so much more!!

As I write this bog I realize that I simply cannot do Heather’s words of wisdom justice. So, if you have ever wondered about the connection between food, emotional eating, self-sabotage, and really caring for yourself, then this is an interview you should enjoy!

You can find Heather and all her wisdom in the following places:

Podcast:Fresh Eats Radio

Website: heatherrampolla.com

Heather on Social Media: FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest

Have a terrific day!

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