Food literacy with Jill Colella

Today’s interview is with a lady I admire and really enjoy talking to. She is bright, articulate and doing incredible work on the behalf of children! You may remember her from our previous interview, Jill Colella!


The last time I interviewed Jill we focused on her book “Grow it, Cook It”, a guide for families with young children to grow and cook their own food.

Jill is also the editor of two print magazines that teach food literacy to children, Ingredient which is geared toward school aged children, and Butternut the first ever food literacy magazine for preschoolers. Both magazines are packed full of information that empowers young children to make informed and thoughtful food choices.

                 VIDEO INTERVIEW

According to Centers for Disease Control in the last 30 years, obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescence, a staggering and cornering statistic. In this interview, we focus on  understanding what food literacy is and how teaching food literacy to children can help them to make healthier food choices.

Teaching children about hunger cues, turning a routine grocery trip into a learning opportunity, or simply using positive language to help children tune into their own hunger cues, are some of the ways that we can help avoid this epidemic of childhood obesity.


Are you familiar with hunger cues? Would you like to know how food literacy helps children to also develop critical thinking skills?

In this interview Jill does an incredible job of sharing some of her favorite tips for engaging children with healthy food choices. I have found that food literacy is an exiting and important subject for me as I teach my stepchildren more about make healthy food choices.

I hope that you too enjoy this interview!

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