Fit and Fabulous with Amy Lescher

When you’re examining your life and the actions you take toward wellness, do find a connection between self love, nutrition and fitness goals and the way you prioritize them in your life?

Today’s guest is an expert in managing fitness, nutrition and nurturing self love – Amy Lescher.

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Amy is many things, a loving wife, mother, professional figure competitor, registered nurse, and Cross Fit enthusiast. Her drive to succeed in healthy living was immediately apparent to me. Amy views fitness not only as her profession but her passion as well.

As a designer of fitness plans and builder of strong bodies, Amy has made fitness her full time career. Her greatest joy is inspiring young girls to embrace fitness, nutrition and self care through teaching them how to make healthy food choices, embrace physical activity, journaling, and the power of positive thought.


Amy is on a mission to empower, challenge and inspire people to take healthy steps in their lives everyday!

In this interview she explains macro and micro nutrition, shares her simple and effective food for fuel philosophy, and explains how one can embrace, though self-love, where they are at now and how to get to where they want to go.

                 VIDEO INTERVIEW

If you want to get started, Amy’s suggests beginning a journal so you can get to your “WHY.” Understanding your “why”, that is your own personal and unique motivation, will help you to make life style choices that last a life time.

Through online programs and coaching Amy is helping people live better. I hope that you enjoy this interview and walk away with tips and ideas to get started living more healthfully in your own life.

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