Farm Stay U.S. with Scottie Jones

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What comes to mind when you think of summer?? For me it’s… VACATION!! Summer always brings the nostalgia of the family vacations I enjoyed during my childhood. And this season has exciting new meaning these days as I now enjoy vacations with my husband and our own ever adventurous children.

As you plan your next vacation, I have an idea for you to consider – Farm Stay! Today’s guest is Scottie Jones the founder and creator of Farm Stay US.


Farm Stay was created for travelers and urbanites who want to experience life on a farm. In 2010 Scottie launched the Farm Stay US website primarily to assist travelers interested in a farm experience and found that it also served many farmers who were subsequently able to add an additional revenue source to supplement their farm business.

The Farm Stay website and community have grown to serve urbanities all over our beautiful nation, identifying more than 950 working farms and ranches in the U.S. which offer accommodations to travelers.

                   VIDEO INTERVIEW

In our interview, Scottie explains how Farm Stays are great for families who want to have an educational and nature based vacation as well as for people who just want to retreat from the hustle and bustle of city or suburban life.

Living on the coastal range of Oregon, Scottie and her husband have welcomed overnight guests to their private cottage since 2006. Sharing their farm with the public has brought them the pleasure of meeting new people who then are exposed to farm life.


As many of us look to explore the inner-workings of small business entrepreneurship and add prosperity to our lives, this may not just be an opportunity to get away but could be an additional revenue option for your homestead!

Scottie is committed to maintaining the double impact of Farm Stay: Connecting travelers with the natural world while empowering small farms to become more financially sustainable. This is a passion we wholeheartedly share at Garden Dine Love!!

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