Farm Fresh Feasts with Kirsten Madaus

Yesterday I posted the WINNING recipe from our “Peachy Recipe Contest”!! Today you get to meet the ingenious and fun lady who created this sweet and spicy little number!

Her name is Kirsten Madaus!

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Kirsten is the voice behind the popular food blog called Farm Fresh Feasts. Kirsten is a passionate supporter of the local food movement and her blog was created as she searched for ways to improve her own, as well as her family’s, experience of eating from a farm share.

Through her farm share, Kirsten has been introduced to vegetables she was unfamiliar with. And when you are an imaginative cook in the kitchen, like Kirsten, this becomes an opportunity to learn and get creative. I enjoyed listening to her story about sorrel and how this one vegetable lead her to a path of tasty problem solving.


Kirsten grew up with parents who were urban homesteaders. They taught her skills such as gardening and food preserving long before this resurgence in the farm to table lifestyle and homesteading that we are currently experiencing. The skills she learned early in life along with her world travels (she and her family have lived in Europe and Asia) are reflected in her personal life and influence her blog and recipes.

Farm Fresh Feasts, Kirsten’s active blog, serves not only as an outlet for Kirsten’s creativity in the kitchen but also as a recipe resource as well as a place for practical support to people who are looking to eat locally or from their farm shares.


Farm Fresh Feasts is also a lovely resource for small farms or CSA’s (community supported agriculture) to find recipes to share with their members.

I think you will enjoy, as I do, Kirsten’s gardening tips (particularly on growing garlic), her philosophy and, of course, her Peach Salsa Recipe 🙂


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