Edible Landscaping with Micheal Judd

Are you curious about permaculture? Would you like to know how you can apply the principles of permaculture to your garden space regardless of the yard size you’re working with?

Several years ago, I was introduced to permaculture (and I have the books to prove it!) but, I have to admit, they’ve gathered some dust. I am just now exploring it, my interest renewed with this summit and having discovered an expert who piqued my curiosity when he discussed growing mushrooms as a high value low labor crop!

Today’s interview is with Micheal Judd a permaculture enthusiast and author of “Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist.”


He has worked with agro-ecology and whole system designs throughout the Americas for the last 20 years focusing on applying permaculture and ecological design to increase local food serenity and community health in the tropical as well as temperate growing regions.

                   VIDEO INTERVIEW

Michael is the founder of Ecologia LLC – a company which develops brilliant edible and ecological landscapes, as well as Project Bona Fide – an international non-profit supporting afro-ecology research.


This interview offers valuable information for, among other things, developing a mushroom farm as well as marketing and profiting from creating a valuable product!

Live, Love, Learn…

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