Eat Clean Live Well with Terry Walters

Hi Everyone,

On this terrific and lovely fall day I am super excited to bring to you one of my favorite and award winning cookbook authors.

Meet best-selling cookbook author TERRY WALTERS!

Terry Walters

Terry is a pioneer and arguably a founder of clean eating. She coined the term “clean food” which she explains in this interview while talking about her journey to becoming an author, educator, clean foods chef, and vocal supporter of the clean eating movement.


Terry’s books include “Clean Food”, “Clean Start”, and most recently “Eat Clean Live Well”, which also happens to be the name of Terry’s popular blog Eat Clean Live Well. Her book “Clean Start” is a James Beard Foundation Award finalist and she has been the recipient of the Nautilus Gold and Silver Awards!

Terry Walters Book


Mario Batali says “CLEAN FOOD is the most exciting book based on fresh produce and simple recipes that I have used in years.”

Terry’s philosophy of clean eating is one that I appreciate and find easily adoptable to my lifestyle. As she shares in our interview, clean eating isn’t about taking anything away from your diet, it is simply about adding more of the healthy stuff into your daily life.


Terry’s warmth and generous spirt is palpable, coming through in the very helpful delicious tips that she shares.

I hope that you enjoy this enriching interview, and more so I hope that you enjoy the positivity and kindness that Terry exudes as she welcomes us into a world of clean eating.



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