Delicious Living with Nicole Cormier


Eating Clean is a skill that many of us want to provide for ourselves and families. While that may seem expensive or daunting, today’s expert, Nicole Cormier, discusses how to achieve that goal in a delicious way!!



Nicole is a registered dietitian, local food enthusiast, and awesome female entrepreneur! Living in beautiful Cape Code, she indulges her passion for nutrition and local foods through her businesses and recent partnership with Local Juice, a cold-pressed juice company.

Wearing many hats, Nicole has authored several books including “Everything Guide to Nutrition” and “201 Organic Smoothies and Juices for a Healthy Pregnancy”. I enjoy that Nicole also enthusiastically promotes the national conversation on local foods through her radio show “Radio Brunch” and through her food store Farm Fare Market where she collaborate with local farmers.

                 VIDEO INTERVIEW

In this interview Nicole shares her thoughts on nutrition and how were can involve children in the practice of eating more veggies. One idea that has stuck with me and I use, is replacing the noodles in Pad Thai with spaghetti squash…YUM!! I mean seriously…Yum. It was a hit with my husband and kids!


In the time since we originally released her interview, Nicole has been keeping busy. Her latest project is Nutrition from the Ground Up: an intuitive guide to cultivating a healthy food practice.  She will also soon be releasing a documentary about organic farms called “Organic Farms are Everywhere.”  We will cover these topics and more during a follow up interview in the next few months so see if you can keep up with this ever evolving expert and feel free to send us your comments and questions to ask Nicole the next time we speak with her!!


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