Container Garden with Garden Goddess, Liz Donaghy

Hi Everyone!

I am so very pleased to share with you today’s interview! Our guest is a garden rock star. Her name is Liz Donaghy, also known as the Garden Goddess by the Sea.

I don’t remember how Liz and I met, but I do know from that first moment it felt like I knew her my whole life. She is easy to chat with, warm and funny, and boy oh boy can we talk plants!!

Liz is a Garden Design Consultant and Stylist, a Speaker and Leader of garden lectures and workshops, and a Garden Coach for homeowners who desire guidance with their garden projects. She also serves as a garden consultant and community garden advocate to Atlanticare and Work in Progress, two foundations that fund community gardens in the Atlantic City area. Liz also has a retail presence at her local farmer’s market and local Co-op.

                    VIDEO INTERVIEW

Liz was recognized as a winner for two years in the City Gardens Contest organized by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society. She’s a busy Goddess isn’t she?

Would you like to know more about container vegetable gardening? How to maintain you container gardens? Or the difference between container and small pace gardening?

In this interview Liz share her abundant knowledge with us, which is such a treat if you would like to know more about vertical gardening or even get the inside scoop on her favorite products.


Liz shared her philosophy with me and I’d like to pass it along to you, “gardens should speak to your heart and soul, not just to the eye. Your garden should make you happy, nourish you and reflect your unique style.”

Enjoy today’s interview and keep that feedback coming – we love it and you’re helping grow a website where experts and resources are gathered, information is exchanged, and individuals are developed as future change makers…

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