Making heartfelt, positive, and collaborative connections with people is our passion!

Sharing inspiration and insight grows our hearts, minds and helps in our evolution. We love hearing your input on all things gardening, dinning and loving! We enjoy and value hearing each person’s unique perspective on life.

Please feel free to email or snail mail us with any show ideas, constructive feedback, or simply to tell me about your book or farm based products (maybe it’s something we can promote on our site if your vision parallels ours). Let’s work together after all teamwork makes the dream work…


Garden Dine Love
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Oakwood OH

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Who we are ? Who is the voice and heart behind Garden Dine Love?

You can learn more about us on the About Page.

Our story, in a nut shell…

In 2009, as Emily Peacock (my maiden name), I founded Farm to Fork Hawaii after recognizing the opportunity to share my love for Hawaii’s agriculture by pairing farmers and chefs to create multiple course dinners, then complimenting with wine, beer as well as non-alcohol fermented drinks. These events introduced guests to local foods while delighting the pallet; Hawaii is a place of incredible beauty with a bounty of exotic fruits and veggies. I loved it and the dinners were great but this amazing experience was limited to people who lived on the island.

In an effort to promote the movement, build relationships, and impact more like minded passionate individuals, my beloved and I created a company that reflects our lifestyle – Garden Dine Love.

Our first project has been to develop an innovative video series called the ‘Garden Kitchen Table Summit’ where I interviewed 21 change makers in the farm to fork community, it was incredible!

The goal of the summit was to help people cultivate, thrive, and profit from living a farm to fork life and, based on feedback, it was an enriching experience for those who watched as well as those who participated. So much so we re-released it and are currently expanding on the concept through follow-up podcast interviews which will become available as we move forward. We continue to grow with you as Garden Dine Love and welcome your feedback.

What is Garden Dine Love?

Garden Dine Love (GDL) is an ever evolving lifestyle company created to feed the body, mind and soul.

What can you expect?

Our passion is promoting national conversation on eating locally grown foods through our newspaper column, podcasts, blog posts, videos, and other services. We encourage culinary gardens, gourmet clean eating and content that inspires you to have a healthier relationship with yourself, significant others and friends.

Where do you listen to the podcast?

You can find the Podcast “Garden Dine Love” as we add content on iTunes, Sound Cloud, and through Stitcher radio.

I have an idea for a podcast….

We welcome the opportunity to serve our community better, interact with you, and provide more engaging content!

Send us any podcast ideas that you have and we will explore them to make sure the idea fits with our vision and mission to nurture a positive community supporting the growth of people and their dreams. If your show idea is a good fit, we may even include you in some parts of the crefork 16pxtive process and development of the show.