Frank Giglio

Clean Eating and Wild Foraging with Frank Giglio

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Today’s interview is with Frank Giglio.


I was first introduced to Frank’s recipes through a book called Clean Eats by Alejandro Junger while on my journey toward a healthier way of eating. After seeing and trying a number of his recipes, I wanted to know more about the inventive chef. And, because I like to prepare meals for my family that are both clean and gourmet, I’ve continued to enjoy following Frank on social media as he manages to accomplish both with his cooking.

                  VIDEO INTERVIEW

Frank emanates a passion for nature based living in all that he does, from culinary pursuits to the simplest daily tasks on his Maine farm where he thrives off the grid with his wife and son on a permaculture minded property, Three Lilly Farm.

A mentor, Frank educates others on the importance of preparing and eating a real-food diet and connecting with nature through wild foraging. He offers several different types of classes on his property and through his community for people seeking to expand both their knowledge and skills in the kitchen.


I’m sure, like me, you’ll come away with some valuable tips from Frank’s experience in the profoundly important arena of personal health through nutrition.

Enjoy this interview and, afterwards, please leave a comment or question in the section below to share your thoughts on today’s interview.


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