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Building your confidence and wardrobe with Lori Ann Robinson

As I lean into life and learn about self-love and self-care, I find that my days of living in black yoga pants are coming to an end! Why? Well speaking strictly for myself, though I find them very comfortable, I wear them in an effort to avoid my clothes that are too tight or to loose.

Our guest today is a firm believer that we need to dress for the body we have NOW not the one we hope for, and she believes that a fashionable wardrobe will build our confidence and is an expression of self-love.

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It is an honor to introduce you to Lori Ann Robinson, a 4 time Emmy nominated costume designer!!

Lori Ann uses her talents for style, design, color, and fashion to help women and men look great no matter their size, body shape, lifestyle, or budget. She believes that you can have a stress free workable wardrobe that will reflect your personal style and make getting ready for all your life experiences easier.

With her incredible laugh and sassy way of speaking, Lori Ann reassuringly affirms there is life after yoga pants! She explains that one can look chic and put together without giving up comfort and convenience! She’s my kind of girl 🙂


Through her website, webinars, presentations, workshops and online coaching, Lori Ann is connecting with people from around the world helping to improve their quality of life and dressing them for success in their personal as well as professional lives. In fact Lori Ann’s coaching helps people with their self-image while also sharing guidance on dinning, social and networking etiquette – she is a poet of body language.

As a leading expert in her field, Lori Ann’s style and image tips have been featured in publications such as Men’s Health, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. She has also been on national television shows such as Good Morning America and The View.

I hope that you enjoy her fun and contagious confidence as inspiring as I do in this interview. And, after talking with Dr.P who (surprise, surprise) agrees with Lori Ann, I will be expanding my wardrobe to beyond yoga pants… and not just leggings 😉

Have a fantastic day,




Your (reformed) yoga pant wearing friend 🙂

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