Branding with Lindsey Barbara

Good Morning!

Well, we kicked off Garden Dine Love with a summit and have come to the last of those 21 interviews…

Our summit focused on cultivating, thriving and profiting from a farm to fork life but it wouldn’t be complete without discussing how to brand your business.

Let me introduce you to branding extraordinaire, Lindsay Barbra!


Lindsey Barbara

Lindsey is a brand stylist who primarily works with female entrepreneurs on their small businesses and helps strategize their brand. Her philosophy is that a person’s brand should showcase their heart and soul while connecting with their dream and creating the financial abundance they’ve worked so hard for.

Why is branding important? Why do you need to clarify your message? How can proper branding improve the way you leverage social media?

These are just a few key topics that we touch on in this interview!


The summit concludes this week, but our hope is that you move forward with us at Garden Dine Love enjoying, absorbing and applying the information to live a prosperous and balanced farm to fork life!

In gratitude…

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