BodyTalk with Jessica Ardeal

One of the subjects we explore in Garden Dine Love that I enjoy visiting is self-love and self-acceptance. It’s an important topic to me because I, all too often, hear so many people being hard on themselves rather than acknowledging their accomplishments.

Today’s expert, Jessica Ardeal, gently reminds us that self-love and self-care influence the health and wellness of one’s physical body.


Jessica is an author and Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, whose passion is uniting people around the world through the universal language of the body.  Featured alongside Dr. Wayne Dyer in the bestselling series Wake Up, Live the Life You Love: In Service, Jessica shares with us how she became a BodyTalk practitioner who is endorsed by many well-known experts, successful authors, and health care professionals.

Ok, so if you’re like me you are wondering what the heck is BodyTalk!? And what does a BodyTalk experience look like?

                    VIDEO INTERVIEW

Jessica explains in the interview how BodyTalk allows us to connect with our body’s organs and systems in a simple, safe and effective integrated and holistic way that is based on principles of energy medicine.


Jessica states very clearly that BodyTalk does not replace medical care or sound treatments. The purpose is to create a healthier connection with your body leading to optimal health and inner peace.

I hope that you enjoy this interview and Jessica’s unique way of helping us fall in love with ourselves through appreciating our bodies. I certainly gained some new perspective about myself and I think you will too!


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