Authentic Business Strategies with Jennie and Jason

OK everyone, I’m so excited about today’s guests and their ability to empower any product based business owner! I can’t wait to share this interview with you 🙂

Our topic is growing your home business and, in this digital age, a great way to do that is by building your email list. The two experts we present today teach a list building strategy!

It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Jennie Wright and Jason Wiehler, creators of the business Management: Authentic and Effective, Branding and Marketing.

Jennie is an expert at list building. Many refer to her as a list building Ninja!

Jennie wright

Jason is a social media strategist who stays on the cutting edge of the latest in social media.

Jason Wiehler

A resourceful team, they work tirelessly to show their clients how to grow and develop their online businesses with authenticity and creativity while connecting with their target market. Jennie and Jason help small business owners, including people in the farm to fork community like myself, grow their business online, effectively identifying then promoting their message.

In this interview, Jennie dives into list building by explaining why a ‘list’ is vital to the growth of your business and how to create events that will help you grow your list. Jennie’s advice, knowledge, and experience are invaluable and she wastes no time in communicating her passion for business to you!

                  VIDEO INTERVIEW

Now, I must admit, I am not the most consistent person in social media…

Prior to this interview I understood that connecting with people on social media had the potential to grow a business but its power wasn’t totally clear to me until today’s interview when Jason gave a clear and concise articulation of social media – you are going to be inspired! In fact, I was so motivated by Jason’s passion and conviction about social media that we at Garden Dine Love have just started, with Jason and Jennie’s help, a social media plan and strategy to communicate our mission and vision!


Jennie and Jason have also created an online community of like-minded people seeking to profit from their passion projects called M Community which they describe as ‘Maverick Marketing for Entrepreneurs.’ The M community has become an inventive place to share one’s authentic self, grow knowledge and scope with entrepreneurs who are on the same journey towards success. Jennie and Jason set the tone of this online community and it is one of mutual support and knowledge exchange, again echoing the beliefs we promote at Garden Dine Love.

I hope you enjoy this interview with an effective team who share a true passion for their client’s success and get as much out of it as I did!

In gratitude!

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