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Aquaponic Gardening with Sylvia Bernstein answering viewer questions.

Hi Everyone!

Have you fallen in love with Aquaponic Gardening?? For me, it is an awe inspiring sustainable method of growing food!

Many of you may remember our previous interview with Sylvia Bernstein, president and founder of The Aquaponic Source and author of “Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together.


We were presented with Aquaponic questions inspired by that first interview and asked to arrange a follow up, so here it is due to popular demand!

                   VIDEO INTERVIEW

Below are some viewer questions presented to Sylvia who responds with her usual wisdom and incredible articulation! Please enjoy the Video or Podcast for the full interview and Sylvia’s in-depth responses.


Viewer Questions

I have a small scale farm and am concerned about what we hear in the news about water shortages, I am considering switching to aquaponics, but have a few questions. I am wondering if aquaponics is a “fad” in farming. What is the future of Aquaponics? Do you have research that shows it is less labor intensive? What literature do you have that shows us that there is less water usage? What are the limits for a farmer in aquaponics? 

I live in California and have a small homestead. I was growing for my CSA on an acre of land. Sadly my well is drying up, not only is our State facing detrimental drought but I am feeling the negative effects in my pocket book. I am new to aquaponics and looking to it as a viable alternative to dirt farming

How could Aquaponics help me and other farmers in my situation? Are the veggies the same quality? How do I educate my customer on the change?

Hi Sylvia. I love all you’re doing for aquaponics and how aquaponics can help people like me in Nevada (Tahoe) area. I like having a food garden but feel guilty using water when there is so little of it all around me. I am brand new to aquaponics having just learned about it on this Garden Kitchen Table summit! I looked you up and see you offer classes through your website. I am a hands on learner, can you tell me how the classes work and what is offered?

I have a very small terrace in my condo and would like to know about tower gardens. How would they help me in my small space? Can these handle heat and direct sun? What type of veggies grow best in the tower?

I hope you enjoy this interview. If you have any questions after any of the interviews, please send them to us so we may help in getting them answered. As you can see from today’s interview, experts like Sylvia appreciate the personal engagement.


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