Adding Profit to Your Small Farm Enterprise with Ken Love

Good Morning!!

I am pleased to introduce you to one of my own instructors!

Considered a tropical fruit Guru and the ‘Yoda’ of preserved and canned foods, he teaches Master Food preserving Classes throughout Hawaii. He is also the Executive Director of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers.

Today’s guest is Ken Love.


Ken’s passion for tropical fruit was highlighted in the documentary film “The Fruit Hunters” which featured other enthusiasts like Bill Pullman. Ken fastidiously searches for, finds, and preserves rare tropical fruits. He has recorded a plethora of unique and forgotten tropical fruits throughout the Hawaiian Islands in collegiate materials and posters.

Based on seasonality and elevation, in order to reduce the need for external labor, Ken’s research endeavors are directed at helping area farmers become more sustainable though diversity, value added, and agricultural tourism.

                 VIDEO INTERVIEW

In this interview we focus on profiting in the Farm to Fork world through Agricultural Tourism and creating value added products. But we also explore other subjects like food preservation and farming.

Would you like to learn about opportunities that create more profit from your farm to fork life?


Ken is a resident of Hawaii, specializing in tropical fruit and currently promoting seasonal and greater diversification programs, but his work and influence are far reaching. I was fortunate to meet him many years ago through the Master Gardener program and have, since, been privileged to build a friendship with him.

Enjoy the interview, share what you’ve learned with others, and please give your feedback – it’s highly valued by us; constructive criticism is very much appreciated because it helps us grow into our vision statement (have you clicked on our ‘Ábout’ tab yet…).

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