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Hi! Thank you for taking the time to meet us!

Garden Dine Love is a lifestyle company that has grown (figuratively and literally) from Emily and Dr. Pelligra’s work in, and passion for, the local food

We are enthusiastically promoting the national conversation on eating locally grown foods through podcasts, blog posts, videos, and other services. We encourage culinary gardens, gourmet clean eating and content that inspires you to have a healthier relationship with yourself, significant others and friends.

Our Mission: Introduce, educate, inspire and empower individuals to be proactive in their lives and in their communities, enjoying life and the world while improving both.

Our Vision: A lifestyle website where experts and resources are gathered, information is exchanged, learning is cultivated, and individuals are developed as future change makers, positively impacting ourselves and our planet.

We believe that life is a collection of each day spent living!

Emily Peacock (my maiden name), I founded Farm to Fork, Hawaii. I am a multi passionate individual who has been propelled forward in life by creating sincere lasting friendships and business relationships. I work towards positively impacting my community and helping others achieve their dreams in life and business.

Through Farm to Fork Hawaii and as a proud member of Les Dames d’Escoffier International (LDEI), I found ways to support my love of farming and fine dining while contributing to the local food movement.

Today, I am a happy wife and step-mother, volunteering at my stepchildren’s schools and participating in their activities, like school gardens. I take exceptional pride in making our house a home that embraces an environment of harmony and meets the needs of my family (nutritionally, emotionally, cognitively and aesthetically). It is my determination to make life better, stimulated by positive energy I receive in return, which drives me to expand our family model to a larger scale.

To continue the movement, build relationships, and impact more like minded passionate individuals, Sam and I created a company that reflects our lifestyle – Garden Dine Love.

I am grateful your path has crossed mine so that I may come into your life through computer screen or ear buds and, together, we will create a small ripple effect of positivity which (fingers crossed) will inspire more people to embrace the farm to fork and Garden Dine Love lifestyles.

With much gratitude from my family to yours!

Sam is a board certified, fellowship trained, medical doctor. He is a busy physician with a passion for preventative medicine and has the unique ability to deliver information, particularly medical information, in a way that is easy to understand.  Sam spends his free time contributing content and exploring subjects dear to his heart like childhood nutrition, self-care, and the power of living a positive life…