Thrill Nutrition with Lahana Vigliano

Today we are talking about nutrition and traditional food preparations that have been lost through the generations. Our guest for this podcast is passionate about bringing you back to your ancestral food roots!

Meet Lahana Vigliano


Lahana is a holistic nutritionist that helps people take back their health with real food and kick processed foods to the curb.

In this interview Lahana talks about foods that support hormone balance and about leaky gut – the causes, symptoms, and nutritional therapies that can help. She discusses the connection between leaky gut and auto immune issues, gives simple solutions and shares food ideas that are easy to prepare, tasty and increase your energy and vitality.


As the owner of Thrival Nutrition, Lahana takes a hands on approach with her clients. She teaches tips & tricks on how to shop, what to look for, ingredients to avoid, and where to find healthful foods and beauty products within your budget.

Lahana tells us “In my business, people that I work with inspire me because they are dedicated to taking their health back & they refuse to live a life of not thriving…I hope to inspire people to take back their health, to learn to trust their bodies because our bodies can do amazing things when fueled with the right foods. I hope to inspire people to ditch diet dogma & to keep it simple by eating real whole foods. It doesn’t have to be complicated.”

Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoy it!

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If you would like to connect with Lahana on the internet or social media you can find her here:


Podcast: Thrival Nutrition Podcast

Facebook: Thrival Nutrition

Instagram: ThrivalNutrition

Twitter: @Thrival_Orlando

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