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Foodscaping with Charlie Nardozzi!

I am really digging (pun intended) today’s guest! He’s a Garden Coach, Consultant, and Author who hosts two radio shows and has been a guest on several nationally broadcasted radio shows such as Martha Stewart Living and Garden Life Radio. Today’s guest is Charlie Nardozzi!


Charlie is the author of a terrific book, Foodscaping: Practical and Innovative Ways to Create an Edible Landscape. I just love it! It’s informative – full of helpful advice for people who would like to have the beauty that flowers provide while also having the bounty of a vegetable garden!


Many people are looking for growing techniques and ideas to satisfy their desire to have an appealing landscape as well as something edible that will provide a staple for their kitchen and pantries. I guess you could call Foodscaping the marriage of the two (beauty and bounty). It’s a way of using water wisely, which is especially important in areas of the U.S. affected by drought, and should appeal to anyone concerned with water usage.

When I began my own Foodscape, also known as an Edible Landscape or as we call it at Garden Dine Love, a Culinary Garden, I had several questions about how to get started. For those looking to start or expand their Foodscape, Charlie makes each step seem easy, explaining Foodscaping in laymen’s terms and makes the switch from flower gardening to Foodcaping achievable for whatever size space you have!

I love the advice Charlie provides “Start Small but Have a Plan”.  So, have you wondered what you need to know first? What edible plant to put in place of non-edibles? Or would you like to know which perennials or annuals to plant? Then this is a valuable interview to watch or listen to.


You can also find Charlie’s helpful advice in the awesome newsletter he sends out several times a month. I’ve really enjoyed reading them and feel that the information I glean from the newsletter helps me become a better gardener.
Charlie’s life as a gardener started as a young boy following his Italian grandfather through their family food garden. His advice and writing literally comes from a life time of experience. Speaking of Italian gardens, Charlie has another terrific book Vegetables from an Italian Garden and will soon be leading a group on a trip through Sicily, touring gardens and eating incredible food!

Enjoy this informative interview and, for more invaluable tips from Charlie, you can find him at:

Website:  (sign up for his newsletter, it’s free and informative :))

Facebook: Charlie Nardozzi

Twitter: Charlie Nardozzi

Instagram: Charlie Nardozzi

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