Strong Body Whole Heart with Kelly Covert

Last week we were so thrilled to share the beginning of our love and mindfluence interviews, thoughtfully adding to our farm to fork lifestyle website.

Today I am really excited to continue exploring self-love and self-care with Kelly Covert.

Kelly is one of the thoughtful and powerful voices behind the website and podcast “Strong Body Whole Heart”. She is a transformational coach and discusses accepting unexpected challenges in life. Also, a former triathlete, she talks about her journey to accepting her own imperfection!

Talking with her about self love was an eye opening and heart expanding experience! I had several ‘ah ha’ moments in this interview as Kelly described her practice of underachieving… yes, underachieving!

                       VIDEO INTERVIEW

Garden Dine Love host Emily Pelligra with Kelly Covert discuss self love, underachieving, and self care.

These are some of the interview questions that Kelly touches on as she discusses the trap of perfectionism:

  • How do you define self love?
  • What is self care to you?
  • What are some tips to build on’t self confidence and self-image?


This is a lovely interview and it’s an honor to have Kelly as a guest. If you want to learn more about Kelly and her philosophy after the interview, you can find her at:



Facebook: strongbodywholeheart

Instagram: sbwheart_kelly

Twitter: @sbwheart

I am so happy to share her with you!

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