WWOOF with Sarah Potenza

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WWOOF, is an acronym that many organic farmers and young adventurers are very familiar with (and, believe me, so will you if you make it to the bottom of this page!). Have you heard of it and how it could possibly enhance your life??

Today I interview Sarah Potenza, the Executive Director of Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, USA (WWOOF-USA) and Chairperson for the Federation of WWOOF Organizations (FOWO), a global confederations of WWOOF organizations for more than 40 nations!


WWOOF is part of a worldwide effort to link visitors with organic farmers, promote an educational exchange, and build a global community consciousness of ecological farming practices. At last count there were 12,000 organic farms hosting WWOOFers and 100,000 individuals WWOOFing in the program worldwide!!

I first came into contact with the WWOOF organization while living in Hawaii, I met several adventurous and hard working women staying on farms in and around South Kona. They enthralled me with stories of places they had travels and skills they had picked up at each location. They each, in their own way, had gathered life skills while building relationships. For me it seemed like the perfect work/travel trip.

                   VIDEO INTERVIEW

Sarah became a founding member of WWOOF-USA and eventually the Executive Director of the nonprofit, which has its headquarters in San Francisco CA.  She has her own rich history, as a WWOOFer, of adventures, friendships, and skills that came from her life changing experiences.


If you are curious about WWOOF, or think you may want to be a part of the exchange sit back and enjoy as Sarah speaks eloquently to the values, benefits, and sustainability created in WWOOF.

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