Lived in Kitchen with Lindsay Moe

Good Morning!

Today’s interview is short, sweet, and full of helpful tips for anyone who wants to live a more healthful life.

My guest is Lindsay Moe, the voice behind a yummy blog ‘The Lived in Kitchen’.


As a mother of three (and one on the way), Lindsay spends a good part of her day in the kitchen. Feeding her family a healthy diet motivated her to document her vegetarian creations, not only as recipes for the blog but also through her phenomenal food photography.

                 VIDEO INTERVIEW

You may not be a vegetarian or vegan, but if you have been looking for easier ways to incorporate more veggies into your diet (like me!) or even if you want to go vegetarian for a day and would like a starting point, Lindsay’s website is a great resource.

Lindsay offers useful tips for increasing your intake of vegetables. The succinct advice she shares reflects her practical approach and is well suited for any busy person looking to eat healthy, feed her family healthy gourmet food, or simply thrive from a plant based diet.


Lindsay’s food philosophy is simple, 80/20: 80% diet made up of vegetarian whole foods and 20% indulging in healthy treats.

Pick up tips, recipes, and suggestion for thriving from a healthful diet of seasonal veggies from today’s guest, Lindsay Moe…

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